Consciousness and Naturalism ( PhD Philosophy Programme)
("I" 16-17)

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This course is a propaedeutic one on the series of lectures on his new book Understanding “I” that Professor José Luis Bermúdez will held in our doctoral programme in the spring semester.

In the 1998 Bermúdez, in his seminal book The Paradox of Self-Consciousness, The MIT Press, addressed, in an innovative interdisciplinary fashion, central problems concerning the semantic features and the psychological underlying capacities involved in our self-conscious thoughts. With his upcoming book, Understanding “I” he further advances the account given his previous work, by approaching central philosophical issues concerning “I”-thoughts.

The course will involve a careful reading of the manuscript of Understanding “I”. The teachers by means of few lectures and seminar discussions will support students with the relevant background information in the philosophy of language and philosophy of thought.

Amongst the topics covered: basics of Fregean semantics, the anti-descriptivist challenge, John Perry on essential indexicals, Gareth Evans on meaning, demonstrative and indexical, the non-conceptual content, accounts of concept possession.

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